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What is a «PRIVATE» page and who might be interested in it?

First of all, this is my "personal time»!

A «PRIVATE» page can be appealing to people who value privacy, and the opportunity to connect with me in a more personal and meaningful way!


For people who value the importance of maintaining personal relationships and enjoy a sense of exclusivity!

For those who appreciate the time and effort i put into creating and maintaining my website!

What this page includes:

*The individual and private chat feature will allow us to discuss meetings, travels, and parties (if you know what i mean) in a more private setting.

*The small photo gallery (will be constantly updated) adds a personal touch by sharing personal photos and moments from holidays or my personal life. 

 *Current travel plan (where we can also go together) and the most desirable places to visit.

By limiting access to these moments, I can guarantee myself that I share my impressions only with those who are really interested!

I can maintain a sense of privacy while still enjoying the shared experiences with you.

It creates a more exclusive and special environment for both me and you.

A «PRIVATE» page is a page that only members can join.

*If you would like to get access- the cost of the entrance fee is 500euro

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