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Hello, Darling!

I'm Lana!

About Me

   One of the first things you’ll notice upon meeting me are my magical, piercing brown eyes and my perfect, warm beaming smile. An irresistible combination of a toned  figure, long brown hair, soft bronzed skin, and sultry voice will have you bewitched within moments. 

   I love to seduce, to elicit desire. I am in tune with my mind, my body and my soul. I believe in being true to yourself, always. I am a soft, creative soul as well as very genuine and down to earth. I am not only beautiful and sexy, I am intelligent and well educated. With a variety of hobbies and a passion for exploring new things, I am constantly living life to the fullest. I am an avid listener and great conversationalist with a sense of humor, and I can keep the conversation going on an array of topics. At 28 years old, I am endlessly energetic and curious about the world around me, as well as emotionally intelligent, patient, and kind. I'm really into travel, fitness, animals, cooking, music. I also enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle, spending time outdoors, and attending events. 

About You

   I love the intimacy of what I offer, and feel especially confident when in the presence of a someone who knows what he wants. I feel most confident and at ease when  in the company of a true gentleman. 

   I am well versed in making you feel comfortable. My greatest pleasure comes from pleasing you. I offer a genuine and playful sensual experience for select gents who share my values of sweetness, intimacy and emotional connection. There’s nothing I love more than meeting new people and making deep connections with those who authentically enjoy my company. 

 My favorite qualities in a man is Charisma, Tenderness, warmth, emotion, generosity. A fullness of spirit. . 


   You can trust that I’ll always look stylish, sexy and sophisticated during our time together. I find I feel the most sexy when I am wearing beautiful pieces of lingerie, with natural makeup and soft, wavy tresses.  I always look stylish and elegant, and always dress  fashionably. However, if you prefer I put on something different, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. 

On the subject
of etiquette

   My safety and yours are of paramount importance to me.

   I have some basic etiquette rules that i hope you can take note of, to ensure we have a memorable encounter:

   Discretion: Privacy and safety is paramount to both you and me. Rest assured, i have no interest in your personal life beyond the time we spend together, and therefore will always keep your information private. II expect the same from you, which includes any personal details I may choose to disclose to you during our time together.  

   I value my comfort and safety above all, and retain the right to cancel the appointment at any time.


  Cancellations: Sometimes, the unexpected happens and you have to cancel. I understand that. However, I ask that you provide some advance notice text  me, instead of not showing up at all. 

*Thank you for your interest and for carefully reading through the nitty-gritty details.


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